The Hottest Senior

Just as his friend was talking about how sore he from masturbating dry.

“Hey Zack.” His two friends were surprised to see who was addressing him because she was one of the hottest girls in school and Zack, only weeks before had asked her to the Homecoming dance, was rejected due to Kayla already having a boyfriend who was taking her.

“Uh, what’s up Kayla?” She paused when she saw that his buddies made no move to leave them alone.

“What were you guys talking about?” Kayla asked seemingly trying to include the two who were just standing there a little awkwardly.

“They were discussing why its better to use some kind of lube as opposed to going dry, while masturbating.” Zack has always been honest, some would say that he is kind of raw because of situations such as the one taking place now.

“oh…” Kayla stumbled, trying to figure out a response to the raw material, as some would say.

In trying to keep with Zack’s upfront boldness and hoping to turn the sexual topic onto one concerning Zack, Kayla replied “well whenever I finger myself I have to use my juices while rubbing my clit. Otherwise it’ll be sore the next day.”

“Wow that’s what the ironically named Johnson was saying happens to him with he’s forced to go dry.” Zack said this noticing Kayla’s discomfort at these two being present, trying to get them to leave. He succeeded, without a word they both left easing Kayla’s discomfort.

Kayla turned to Zack “well I bet you don’t even have to worry about masturbation, with all the action you get.”

“I only really have sex with girls that I have a connection with, so that isn’t that much.” Zack returned to his incline dumbbell benches and a somewhat awkward silence ensued. Then Zack asked, “so what are you working on,” nodding towards the whiteboard where the day’s workout was scrawled.

Kayla, impatient and desperately wanting to get to the point of why she came over to talk to Zack, said “working on getting you as my boyfriend.” Zack sat there shocked at what she had just said and was trying to figure out if this was a joke. A senior wants me, a sophomore, as her boyfriend. The same girl who declined my invitation to attend Homecoming with me on account of her already having a boyfriend taking her.

“Uh isn’t Jason already your…”

Kayla interrupted him saying “ no I broke up with him because he was an ass and I like you. Even though I don’t know that much about you, you’re silent and reclusive but among your friends you’re animated and the life of the party. I also liked your boldness asking me to Homecoming despite the fact that we don’t know each other. And I know it took a lot of balls to ask a senior girl when you yourself are a sophomore.

Zack just sat there stunned thinking, shit I’ve already made my intentions known to Eva and we have a lot in common and… Wait am I just making up excuses for the same reasons I was scared to ask her to Homecoming?

Kayla saw his hesitation as reluctance because she rejected him before and thought that he resented her for it. So she said “well if you don’t want to then I understand but if you do I’ll be waiting at my car, green, second column, first row, at the top.” Then she left without looking back.

Zack stared after her, looking at her figure accentuated by the tight fitting shirt and the spandex hugging her perfect legs. “Weird, she always brings her workout uniform.”

Then he finally noticed during their conversation that their instructor told the class to put everything away and that half the class was already out the door. He put up his dumbbells and proceeded to the locker room. Once in there his buddies started badgering him with questions about what she wanted and when he failed to reply they formed their own ideas based on what she had said before they left them alone.

As they were leaving the locker room the bell for the end of class rang and they walked towards their next classes. In the hallway Zack saw Eva approaching and watching her demeanor saw that she acted as if they were already together. If there is one thing that Zack hates in a person, it’s arrogance. Kayla’s waiting for me, he thought, turned and ran to the parking lot. Eva’s shrill screams of “come back here now” followed him out the door. Once outside, Zack scanned the area Kayla indicated and spotted her leaning against her car with her head in her hands.

On approaching her he heard her counting, using her fingers as an indication of where she intended to stop he snuck up to her and asked her “what was going to happen when you reached ten?”

Kayla whipped around and her face lit up with joy. “Get in, let’s go back to my place.” Zack complied and hopped in the passenger seat.

During the drive he asked her questions like, “why the sudden proposition?” and “How come you weren’t wearing your workout uniform?”

Kayla answered but kept it short for fear of what she might say. Kayla is somewhat of a ‘dirty girl’ and didn’t want to fully reveal her plans for when they reached her house.

Finally they arrived and Kayla rushed Zack up and inside the house. Zack was surprised by the behavior but judging by the hungry look in her eyes he guessed why and was looking forward to the end result.

When they reached the foot of the stairs Zack stopped her. “Slow down babe, I have to know where this is going.” At the word ‘babe’ Kayla’s eyes grew wide and she just pulled him up the stairs and into the first bedroom. Inside the room Zack looked around and sat on the bed and before he knew it Kayla hopped into his lap and brought her lips to his in a fierce and passionate kiss. Zack was shocked by this but immediately returned the kiss. Their tongues entwined in an almost frenzy battle, each of them wanting to win but submitting to the other.

While Zack’s hands roamed her body he found out that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and instantly he was hard. Kayla feeling the bulge in his pants started grinding her pelvis into him hard. Before long she was gyrating her hips furiously and Zack pushed her up.

Shocked by this sudden turn of events Kayla got up and thought this isn’t what he wants and sat on the bed next to him. “This isn’t what you want. I’m sorry for putting you in this position.” Kayla said with her hands covering her face and silent sobs.

“Kayla, no, I was…”
“Just leave me alone” Kayla said. Zack grabbed her chin to bring her face towards himself but she just fell back on the bed.

Zack thinking that this is hopeless, was about to get up but checked that and said “No, Kayla I did that because I didn’t want this baby.” Reaching down, slid up from the bottom of her slit and halting on her clit and putting pressure, through her spandex, “to get sore.”

At this contact, Kayla who was still horny, cried out in passion. She squeezed his hand with her legs and held that position until her orgasm faded. She looked up at Zack who was wide eyed and jaw dropped and said “I’m sorry for acting like a bitch.”

Zack said “ a girl who cums from me just placing my finger here, is forgiven.” Kayla ripped off her shirt and pulled off her spandex.

When her tits were revealed Zack latched onto her right breast and started playing with it. Lightly biting and circling his tongue around her nipple he reached up and cupped her left breast and started massaging it.

Kayla reached down and undid his pants and pulled his tool out. Starting to stroke it Zack positioned himself to enter her velvety folds but Kayla said “wait you need a condom.” Hearing this Zack decided to just pleasure Kayla with his fingers and used two fingers to rub her outer lips. Using the juices from her orgasm to lubricate his fingers he penetrated her warm folds with two fingers and then three.

“Yes, finger my cunt, harder, harder. Oh that feels so fucking good.” As more juices leaked from her, Kayla reached down there and lubed up her hand and returned to Zack’s member and stroked it a few times and then stopped at the head twisting and repeated the process.

With Kayla’s ministrations Zack was getting close to blowing, so he hooked his fingers up and began rubbing the top of the inside of her vagina and using his thumb began rubbing her clit. Within seconds of this Kayla reached another orgasm. Zack with his fingers buried in her pussy felt a gushing and pulled his hand away and felt it hit his legs soaking his jeans that were still for the most part on.

“What?” said Zack looking from his juice covered hand to his soaked jeans and back again. “You’re a squirter!”

Kayla sat up and said hurriedly “shit I’m sorry, I know it turns men off it only happens when I cum hard.”

Before she could say another word Zack dropped between her legs and said “squirt for me again baby.” Then he dove into her pussy with his tongue. But before he got past licking up her delicious…

“What the hell is going on in here?” Kayla and Zack both looked up. Standing in the doorway was Kayla’s sister Kaitlen, who is in Zack’s grade. “You couldn’t do this in your room” Kaitlen said with a little more anger than Zack thought was necessary.

“I’m sorry Kaitlen, I was just in a hurry.”

“Oh right like you didn’t want to just rub it in my face” Kaitlen replied.

“Are you saying that I had ulterior motives? I just saw the bed and rushed in.”

“Kayla? Maybe we should go find your room.” Kayla got up and covering her pussy she stepped past a glaring Kaitlen into the hall.

Zack got up and grabbing Kayla’s clothes off the floor said “I’m sorry, if I had known than I would’ve insisted on going to her room.” Kaitlen turned to him and her expression softened and was about to reply but stopped as she looked down at his penis. She guessed seven inches long and about an inch and a quarter thick.

Zack not embarrassed at all made no move to cover himself up. He just stepped past her and walked down the hallway. Kaitlen called after him “I was angry with Kayla for the mess she made, not you.”

“Well I caused the mess so…” Kayla pulled him into her room. “What was all that?” Zack said.

“Don’t worry it’ll blow over soon enough. I got a condom.”

“Whoa! Why don’t we start where we left off?”

“Because I want your big cock in me NOW!”

“And I need to taste your juices, seeing as how your pleasure ranks above mine I say we go with my idea.”

“What? What do you mean ‘ranks higher’?”
“I Put a woman’s pleasure before my own, it’s the gentleman thing to do. Also I need a pleasured woman to get off as you can see.” Zack pointed down to his slightly deflated cock.

“Fine if I gets you hard again.” Zack leaned in and started making out with Kayla, more passion than the frenzy of the last one. Then he moved down her neck to her chest kissing the whole way.

When he reached her tits he took his time kissing and sucking every centimeter then moving on to the nibble her nipple. Moving to her other Kayla said “come on quit stalling.” Emphasizing by pushing his head towards her crotch.

Zack refused to budge and asked “what’s the size of these?” Jiggling her breasts as he asked.

“What? They’re 36C, now can you move on to my pussy, it’s aching to be touched.”

Zack replied “the more you complain and rush me the slower I am going to go.” As he said this Kayla saw the seriousness in his face and silenced herself. Zack then went back to fondling, licking, sucking and nibbling on her tits.

After some time he moved down her body kissing her stomach and pausing to make out with her belly button. This caused Kayla to squirm and as he moved to her thighs kissing and playfully biting she continued to squirm. But she held back from saying anything to rush him knowing he would stop his progress.

Zack then started to move towards her vagina. Alternating kisses between the inside of both her legs. He paused inches from her pussy and exhaled slowly on her lips making her slowly rotate her hips.

Then as Kayla was thinking ‘finally’ Zack licked from the base of her slit to her clit. Here he stopped and circled around with the tip of his tongue twice and flicked a few times.

He then wet his fingers on the juices leaking profusely from her slit. Then he proceeded to insert two fingers into her tight hole and pumping them slowly at first but as Kayla started to rock her hips and moan he sped up his hand. While simultaneously adding another finger. In and out his fingers went and he started to rotate his hand while hooking his fingers but being careful not to scratch her.
As Kayla’s moans grew in volume he knew she was close and put his mouth over her clit and putting it between his teeth he began to “saw it” simply moving his bottom jaw side to side. After a couple times of this he gripped her clit with his teeth covered with his lips and tugged and released her clit. After a few more alternations of this Kayla climaxed and squirted soaking him in her juices.

“Holy…shit… that…was…” Kayla passed out exhausted despite just lying there.

As Zack was mopping up her juices Kaitlen was using this as her chance to silently slip out. Although before she even opened the door more than an inch, Zack turned to her and said “that was the first time I made a girl pass out.”

Zack not knowing how Kayla would feel if he fucked her sister left it at that and crawled on the bed and lied next to Kayla.


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The Hottest Senior